About and Upcoming Lectures

OmiSoore H. Dryden, PhD is an interdisciplinary scholar who theorizes blood and examines the culture and politics of blood donation. Dr. Dryden holds a PhD in Social Justice Education from OISE/UT with a graduate certificate in Sexual Diversity Studies from the Mark S. Bonham Centre for Sexual Diversity Studies.

Dr. Dryden’s research explores how the history of anti-black racism and colonialism frame contemporary cultural understandings of healthy and tainted blood. Blood discourse is integral to the discussion of social justice and education, and Dryden’s work, provides the critical examination, which deepens the interrogations into the relationships between science, health and disease, homophobia and racism in the Canadian context.

Dryden has published in peer-reviewed journals and has an edited collection (with Dr. Suzanne Lenon) titled, Disrupting Queer Inclusion: Canadian Homonationalisms and the Politics of Belonging (UBC Press, 2015). This collection seeks to apply, extend and think through homonationalism in a Canadian context as it articulates through racialization, settler colonialism and neoliberalism in which contemporary articulations of sexual citizenship are not only complicit with a conservative, neo-liberal Canadian nation, they are also predicated on foundational Canadian national mythologies that inscribe whiteness as the embodiment of legitimate citizenship and belonging. Dryden’s monograph, tentatively titled, Canadian Blood Services, 1998-2015: Black Queer Life and the Narration of the Ideal Donor, is currently in progress. This project centres a Black queer transnational/diasporic analytic through which a diverse set of archives, including the donor questionnaire, are analyzed.

Prior to her PhD studies and subsequent appointment as Assistant Professor, OmiSoore Dryden held a number of positions both inside and outside of the university – each connecting with broader community sectors. Most notable is her work as the Academic Coordinator at the Toronto Women’s Bookstore; her position as a Diversity Advisor, Sexual Orientations and Gender Identities, at the University of British Columbia; and her role as Advisor, Race and Ethnic Relations/Sexual and Gender Diversity at York University.


Got Blood 2 Give / Du Sang À Donner (research project)
Canadian Blood Services, #EndTheBan
Anti-black racism IS a Gay Blood issue, Racism in blood donation
African Blood Bans / Gay Blood
Ally blood donor clinics
Black Health in Canada
Black Feminist Health Studies
Black Feminist Science Studies

Black Queer and Trans Activism in Canada
Canadian Lesbian and Gay Political Activism
Pride Toronto
Policing in Canada

Black Queer Diasporic Thought
Black Feminisms / Black Queer Femmes
Racialized Sexuality
Black Canadian Thought



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26 July 2018
Evening Speaker Series hosted by Halifax Pride


Dr. OmiSoore Dryden (www.omisooredryden.com) will be speaking about why anti-black racism is a queer issue. The visual presence of racial diversity, no matter how tiny, is often interpreted as the successful diversification of an event or organization. In fact, claims of being “colour-blind/not seeing colour” have been used as shield to divert the difficult and painful conversations we need to have about anti-black racism in our community. Dr. Dryden will highlight why Black queer and trans people do not always find LGBTQ activism and Pride celebrations welcome and inclusive spaces and what we as a community can do about that. Dr. OmiSoore Dryden, a Black queer femme and a scholar, is the Principal Investigator on the Gay Blood project, #GotBlood2Give.

Accessibility features of both Paul O’Regan Hall and The Discovery Centre:
– Wheelchair accessible
– All-gender washroom
– Drug/alcohol-free
– ASL interpreters






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